Since 2002, we are dedicated to organizing annual scientific conferences on various topics of science and technology. 

Our Mission

To bring together top international scientists and industry professionals presenting their innovative and advanced research, discoveries and opportunities. 

I observed that there are 13 conference sub-themes and counting! This suggests that a thorough examination of the Conference theme is expected to yield concrete findings which will culminate in actions across many boundaries, thereby creating lasting effects nationally.
— Professor Olabisi O. Ugbebor, Department of Mathematics, University of Ibadan.

Records of Recent ANCOSOS Conferences

  • July 10-13, 2007: The Challenges and Prospects of Science and Technology in the Realization of the Millennium Development Goals.
    Lead Paper Presenter: Professor O.O. Jegede and Professor R.O. Ayeni
    Keynote Address Speaker: Professor J.O Fawole
  • November 10-13, 2008: Techno-Scientific Advancement and their Attendant Environmental Impacts: The Need to Stake a Balance.
    Lead Paper Presenter: Professor J.A. Omotosho 
    Keynote Address Speaker: Professor T.O. Oyebisi
  • November 1-5, 2010: Science, Language and Culture: Implication Technological Development.
    Lead Paper Presenter: Professor O.O. Olaofe
    Keynote Address Speaker: Professor O.A Ajayi
  • November 1-4, 2011: Science Education: A Road map to Economic & Technological Development.
    Lead Paper Presenter: Professor E.O. Ayoola
    Keynote Address Speaker: Professor S.A. Shayinka
  • November 19-22, 2012: The Role of Science and Technology Education in Sustaining National Security: Issues, Challenges & Prospects.
    Lead Paper Presenter: Professor J.O. Ehinduro
    Keynote Address Speaker: Professor O.J Ojo
  • November 4-7, 2013: The Future of Science and Technology Education in a Pluralistic World.
    Lead Paper Presenter: Professor G. Hillhouse
    Keynote Address Speaker: Professor O.O Ugbebor

About Adeyemi College of Education

The Adeyemi College of Education is a higher education institution located in Ondo CityOndo StateNigeria. It is a college of Obafemi Awolowo University.

The college was the first higher education institution in the Ondo State. It was named after historian and Reverend Moses Craig Adeyemi. Established in May 1964 It was created out of 3 institutions namely Olunloyo college of Education and Ransom Kuti college of Education and the then Adeyemi college of Education It is the foremost college of Education in Nigeria.