An Invitation to the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in the Yoruba Indigenous Language

Authors:  Adenegan, K.E., 2 Raji, S. M., & 3 Adenegan, T. S

Mathematics is a science subject that enjoys patronage at all educational strata. Because of its importance and significance to the educational attainment of every learner, the subject is made compulsory for all students. In the light of this, to enhance better performances on the part of the students and effective teaching activities on the part of the teachers, this paper brings to the fore the basic rudiments of the Yoruba language in teaching and learning of mathematics, builds foundational and pedagogical structures for Yoruba mathematics and proposes the use of the Yoruba indigenous language in the teaching learning process at the primary and post primary schools with suggested measures to make the proposal work for the mathematics education curriculum.

1 Department of Mathematics, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo
2 Department of Yoruba Language, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo
3 Department of General Studies, Achievers University, Owo