Causes, Consequences, and Control of Environmental Pollution in Nigeria: Water Pollution as Case Study

Author: 1 Falowo, G. F 2 Falowo, T. J 1 Oyagbile, A. A. 3 Akala, J. I.

Environmental pollution in Nigeria is fast becoming a house-hold issue in the Environmentalists’ circle in Nigeria and this has triggered a great concern not only on a national scale but even on a global scale. It leaves in no small way negative landmarks on our society, the principal effects of it being the jeopardy it poses to the human health either immediately or remotely. This assertion is corroborated by World Health Organization (WHO) which estimates that about a quarter of the diseases facing mankind today occur due to prolonged exposure to environmental pollution. This paper makes a brief overview of the types of Environmental Pollution in Nigeria and further attempts to elucidate on Water Pollution as case study, revealing and reviewing the causes, consequences and control of it. There is no gainsaying the fact that, for indigenous scientific and technological innovations and advancements to become a possibility, utmost attention should be given to the hydra-headed monster of Environmental pollution that perpetually keeps our environment degraded, and more importantly water pollution for it is perceived that water is the most polluted entity in our immediate environment.

1 Department of Integrated Science, Adeyemi College of Education
2 Department of Agriculture, Wesley University of Science and Technology
3 Department of Teacher Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan