Fundamental Challenges In Nigerian Science Education

Authors: 1 Ayodele, O. A., &  2 Akinsemolu, A. A.
The future of all nations is dependent on knowledge. The capability to acquire new knowledge and use it innovatively lies in having a scientifically literate population. Every informed person is conscious of the contributions of science in every area of human endeavor. Science has launched new and improved ways of diagnosing and treating diseases amongst other things. The importance of science education should be overemphasized. Its acquisition is a significant determinant of the development status of a country. The countries that have done extremely well in science are the most developed. The Nigerian educational institution has been facing challenges ranging from poor infrastructure to gender inequality. This study conducts a comprehensive assessment of the challenges facing Nigerian science education. It presents information about the shortcomings and recommendations on how the standard of science education can be improved.

Keywords: Science Education, Nigeria, Poor infrastructure, gender inequality

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1. Federal University of Technology, Akure 2. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife