Biological Virus: Impact on Sustainable Economic and Technological Survival Of A Nation.

Authors: Sabejeje, T.A., Adebola, O.T and  Olaniyan, R.F.
Department of Biology, Adeyemi College Of Education, Ondo, Nigeria.

A Nation’s economy thrives well in a technologically developed environment. Economic development involves accelerated economic growth, alleviation or eradication of poverty where individuals and the society move away from unsatisfactory life style and match towards a condition of life regarded as materially, environmentally and economically better with better welfare and higher degree of success and safety.

Biological viruses have been known to constitute a major impediment to the sustainability of a nation’s economic and technological development. The negative impact of these microorganisms is mostly centred on human and material resources all of which collectively form the fulcrum upon which the nation’s economic and technological development is anchored. This paper examines the different types of biological viruses and their health implications on human and material resources particularly agricultural resources. The paper also compares the effects of biological viruses with those of computer viruses.