Effective Utilization of Chemistry Laboratory Facilities: A Viable Method of Teaching Chemistry

Authors: Oloyede-Akinsulere A.I, Akinsulere O.C, Fehintola O.E, Akinlami O.O, Omodara N.B.
Chemistry Department, Adeyemi College of Education.

Several studies have focused on the different method of teaching and learning chemistry with the aim of improving the performance of students in Senior Secondary Schools Certificate Examinations. Despite these methods, the general poor performance of students in these examinations is still alarming. Thus, this study was carried out to investigate the effective utilization of chemistry laboratory facilities as a viable method of teaching chemistry in Senior Secondary Schools. Data were collected by means of questionnaire and analysed using percentages. The result showed that the effective use of chemistry laboratory facilities is a key factor to enhancing the performance of students in chemistry.