Effects of Social Networking Sites on Students’ Reading Habit In Higher Institutions In Ondo, Ondo State

Authors: Fadayomi, I. E., Adebola, O. T. and Ogunseyi, T. M.
Department of Biology, Adeyemi College of Education,Ondo

This study aimed to find out the effects of social network on student’s reading habit in tertiary Institution in Ondo town. One hundred participants were randomly selected from the population. The data for the study were collected through the use of self-structured questionnaire. The data gathered were analysed using simple percentage and correlation. 100% of the studied population had their profile on social networking sites. The results of the analysis also showed that most of the students prefer to stay online using social networking sites than reading their books, (r=-0.36, p < 0.05, n=100). Students usage of social networking sites and time spent was significant at (r=0.255, p < 0.05, n=100) which suggested that they waste a lot of time on social networking sites. 41.4% and 58.6% of male and female respectively prefer reading online materials, which showed that female prefer to read printed material than male. Based on the findings, it was discovered that social networking sites had negative influence on students reading habit. Hence, to improve reading habit among undergraduates, students should be enlightened on the effects of excessive usage of social networking sites on their reading habit.