Evaluation of Pre-Primary Schools Curriculum in Nigeria Educational System

Olaniyan R.F
Department of Biology, Adeyemi College Of Education, Ondo

This study examines the effectiveness and evaluation of pre-primary school’s curriculum to Nigeria educational system. It examined the attitude of parents, guardians proprietor and others educational officials towards the development of pre-primary education. Some pre-primary schools, parent’s guardians in Ondo were used as the case study in this research. Questionnaires were used as the instrument for the collection of data for the study. The chi-squares (X2) statistical methods were used to analyse the data collected from the respondent for the study. The result of the finding when using chi-square pointed to the fact that pre-primary school education is very important to the earlier educational needs of child. It was also reviewed that parents have crucial perception of pre-primary education. And also, pre-primary educations were widely spread and have positive effect on children academic performance later in life. It was known that government should put more efforts in findings pre-primary school education in Nigeria so that children from less privilege houses can as well have much access to this level of education in Nigeria.