Hazardous Effects of ICT ToolsHazardous Effects of ICT Tools

Authors: Olawuyi, N.J, Ajayi, F.Y., Olajide, M.S., And Olawuyi, S.O.
Department of Computer Science, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has transformed the globe. ICT tools have inherent operational capabilities that when harnessed would improve the global economy. These capabilities have aided the increase in productivity of users as they can carry out task at a very high speed. ICT tools are needed in everyday life but over-use may have negative effects on the user and the economy as a whole. These effects are collectively known as hazards. Health hazards are attendant effects of “wrong use” or “over-use” of these tools on users. Another variant of the hazard is environmental hazards, which emanates from disposing of obsolete ICT tools in the environment. ICT tools are non-biodegradable and as such renders the earth toxic and relatively unproductive. These hazardous effects are situations, injury or ill-conditions that emanates from incorrect use or disposal of ICT tools. These dangerous effects can be minimized while users exploit ICT tools. This paper identifies the wrong usage of ICT tools that could be harmful to users, highlights their effects on human being and their environment and presents ways of rendering ICT tools less harmful to users and their environment.