Open Source Software: Development through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) In Developing Countries

Authors: Asunbiaro, S. C., Ogundoju, B. M., and Ayinla, N. J.
Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo

Developmental advancement has always been a major challenge in the African continent. This is due to the high cost of investment on technologies. For the nations of Africa (like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, so on) to be able to meet up with the developmental rate of other countries of the world (like China, India, Singapore, so on) there is need to find a leverage ground, which Open Source Software (OSS) provides at an incredibly-reduced cost, to be able to overcome all the socioeconomic challenges that has submerged potentials of the entire continent. Adoption of Open Source Software by African countries will help to cut cost in the amount of money spent on infrastructural development and on importation of new technologies. Indigenous companies will be able to compete favourably with other ICT companies around the world. It will also help in job creation for the teaming population. Formation or adoption of policy on OSS will enhance collaboration between the academic institution and the industry which will in turn empower the citizens to develop indigenous software that could be used to meet the needs of the immediate community.