Potential Health Risk among Computer Operators: A Case Study of Some Selected Business Centres in Adeyemi College Of Education Ondo

Bello, I.J., Akinwande, D.D., and Sabejeje, A .J.
Integrated Science Department, Adeyemi College of Education Ondo.

The paper examines the environmental working conditions of some Computer Business Centres within and around Adeyemi College of Education Ondo. Data were generated from information and responses gathered using questionnaires administered to 50 business centres. The study reveals that inadequate ventilation for both the computer and their operators, poor sitting posture as a result of improper furniture set up and eye stress due to poor illumination are possible challenges which have potentials to predispose operators to future health conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that there should be gross improvement in the environmental working conditions for most business centres, while operators should be educated on possible future dangers of poor sitting postures if continued unchecked. Finally, certain exercises that could help them cope with possible occupational health challenges associated with prolonged use of computer are given to safe guard complications related to eye stress.