Relevance of Inclusive ICT Education on Students Preparedness for Job Tasks

Authors: Ayinla, N.J., Olajide, M.S., & Adebile, O.J.
Computer Science Department, Adeyemi College of education, Ondo

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become ubiquitous in every aspect of our daily endeavours. In fact, it is an integral part of our daily routines. Machines and other components have a certain percentage of their operations been controlled by one form of Information Technology (IT) or the other. Banks, Airports, Motels, Entertainment and other industries all operate at IT realms. To this end, it is only normal to have students – who eventually are going to work in those places have adequate dose of basic ICT education to prepare them for life after school and face the reality that dawns on them. This paper looks at how ICT education can be included in a much broader perspective than the curriculum currently offers, so that they will integrate seamlessly into the workplace after completing their education not minding their fields of study.