Akinnubi Rufus T. and Emmanuel Faith Igwe

Department of Physics, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo

Co-author email: emmaigwe38@yahoo.com



The condition of Nigeria’s economy in this current dispensation is fast becoming unbearable, prior to the inaccessibility of electricity by 60% to 70% of the masses, and the insufficient circulation of fuel energy. This is a problem at hand! If there must be a buoyant economy, then there must be reliable channels through which energy can be generated from steadily. Our problem in Nigeria as far as energy supply is concerned is that we usually put all our focus and struggles on a particular channel when there are other doors of opportunities that are open wide for us to diversify into. Solar energy, an energy obtained from the sun, is the world’s most abundant and cheapest source of energy available from nature, through which energy can be generated at ease. It is free and renewable. Therefore, as far as this study is concerned, the main point of focus will be on the use of solar system in Nigeria as an alternative source of energy generation considering its importance. The paper will also takes a look into the current problems encountered during the installation and operation process of the solar system, and the preferred solutions with more attention being paid to domestic and industrial installations.

Keywords: electricity, fuel energy, solar energy, energy generation, installation, renewable, economy.