Adequate Breastfeeding of Babies during Infancy (A Case Study of Nursing Mothers in Ondo State Specialist Hospital (OSSH) Ondo

1Olaniyan R.F, 2Olajuyigbe, A.O 3 Sabejeje T.A
1, 2 &3Department of Biology
Adeyemi Federal University of Education, Ondo, Ondo state


This study investigates the adequate breastfeeding of babies during infancy. A Structured questionnaire was used to collect information for the study. The study sample consists of 100 nursing mothers from Ondo State Specialist Hospital, Ondo Ondo State. The research hypothesis formulated the study were tested at 0.05 alpha levels, the result obtained revealed that attendance of nursing mothers attending health clinics, infant feedingpractices adopted by nursing mothers, knowledge possessed by nursing mothers on infant nutrition are all factors that affects on the adequate breastfeeding of babies on infancy. The study therefore concluded by recommending that nursing mothers should be enlighten more of infant feeding and infant nutrition and that the Government and health workers should provide adequateawareness on the need for proper breastfeeding of babies. It showed that majority of the nursing mothers’ breastfed their children and that the different patterns have some impact on the health of the children.