Entrepreneurship in Sports: Tools for Sustainable Development Oloyede R.O (Ph.D) and Akinkuade Tosin S.

Physical and Health Education Department,
Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo




Entrepreneurship is recognized as a tool for economic growth in many countries. In fact, many governments have been organizing the considerate efforts for activities and identifying components to entrepreneurship. Considering the importance of entrepreneurship, identifying opportunities for entrepreneurship in sports can introduce new components for entrepreneurs to promote sustainable development in the community. So, the purpose of this research is to identify factors for entrepreneurship development in sport. Findings showed that Sports entrepreneurship occurs to a large extent in professional sport, which influences social entrepreneurial ventures and also, in field of sport and he found out exercise is a natural entrepreneur even Sport entrepreneurship promotes the creation and sustenance of business ventures by focusing on the significance of business activities. It is concluded that the uniqueness of sport and its entrepreneurial nature provide an opportunity to examine it within the context of entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial effort of both organizations and individuals has been significant in the history of sports. Based on the findings, it is recommended that An entrepreneurship education course should be designed based on specific needs of students who will attend in that course, Sport entrepreneurship courses and programs should receive top management support and Social security among business owners of sport (insurance coverage, afraid from business failure and unemployment) should be promoted with tax benefits and financial stability in order to participation of private sector.


Keywords: Entrepreneur, Sports, Sustainable development, Sports Entrepreneur