Exploring the Nexus between Environmental Education and Sustainable Development: The Critical Role of Colleges of Education in Nigeria

Adekolurejo, O.A

Department of Biology,

Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Nigeria

Email: loyekolurejo@yahoo.com



The past few decades in Nigeria has witnessed an unprecedented array of environmental issues such as environmental degradation and pollution, oil spillage and intense natural resources depletion, global warming and sea level rise, biodiversity decline and aggressive tribal insurgence, occasioned by the burgeoning human population growth as well as unabated anthropogenic activities. The present article explores the inextricable links between sustainable development and environmental education. The author argues that the contemporary trend of industrialization and development in Nigeria is largely apocalyptic, contravening the context of sustainable exploitation and environmental stewardship. In this article, prospective teachers in the teacher training Colleges of Education in Nigeria are proposed as critical agents of influence through whom remarkable changes can effectively be borne on the mind of the public by providing essential knowledge, skills and values that will encourage learner's awareness and interest in their immediate environment as well as reinforce their active participation in solving local problems.

Keywords: Environment, Pollution, Sustainable Development, Environmental Education, Colleges