Attitude of Primary and Secondary School Teachers Towards the Use of ICT in Teaching-Learning Process

Amoko, J. S. , Akinmolayan, S. F., Fehintola E.O., Oloyede-Akinsulere I.A. and Oyebade .A


Chemistry Department, Adeyemi college of Education, Ondo.

Abstract: This study is designed to find out the attitude and readiness of primary and secondary schools teachers towards ICT. 20 public schools involving primary and secondary schools in west local government area of Ondo state were randomly selected while 20 items questionnaire were administered to the practicing teachers in each school. Statistical tools were then used in analysing the collected data. The study revealed teachers in secondary schools to be more ready in utilizing ICT facilities for classroom instruction process than teachers in primary schools. It also showed that majority of the teachers in primary and secondary schools involved in this study have low-level knowledge of ICT. It was equally found out that there were inadequate supply of ICT gadgets to primary and secondary schools by the government. The study concluded that significant differences exist between teachers training on ICT in their attitude towards the use of ICT in disseminating information and passing classroom instructions.