Compararism of the influence of Child Abuse and Neglect on Academic Performance of Secondary School and Undergraduate Students

Oluwafemi E.A.


Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo


Abstract: Child abuse is an act of inflicting serious, physical injury and emotional torture on a
child or person, which is intentional or unintentional and could endanger the physical,
health, emotional, social, moral and educational wellness of the child. The contributing
factor of child abuse can be identified as poverty and ignorance on the part of the parents
or guardians and others. Observing the alarming endless cry of students and those hurt in
the process and maltreatment. The researcher was therefore interested in investigating
child abuse as it affect the academic performance of Secondary School and
Undergraduate Mathematics Students in Adeyemi College of Education and Adeyemi
Demonstration Secondary School as a case study in Ondo West Local Government Area.
To achieve this purpose, four (4) null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. A
sample of 200 respondents was randomly selected for the study. The selection was done
through simple random sampling techniques.The questionnaire was the main instrument
used for data collection. The analysis of data was carried out by using a statistical tool
called analysis of variance and simple percentage to answer the research question. The
critical level of 0.05 was used to test each hypothesis. Based on the findings,
recommendations were made on the need to affectionate and intensified campaigns for
awareness creations on the menace of child abuse as they declare the future of the child, family and society at large