Comparative Analysis of Inquiry-Based Method And Computer-Assisted-Instruction On Students’ Achievement In Physics In Nigeria Federal Government Colleges



Department of Physics, Osun State College Of Education' Ilesa, Osun State


Abstract: The study focused on Comparative Analysis of Inquiry-Based Method and Computer-Assisted Instruction on students’ Achievement in Physics in Southwest Nigeria Federal Government Colleges. The purpose of the study was to compare the effectiveness of Inquiry-Based method and Computer-Assisted-Instruction method on students’ achievement in physics. A quasi-experimental design of the three groups pre-test, post-test, control design was employed. The treatment group includes the Computer-Assisted-Instruction group and Inquiry-Based method groups. The CAI group was thought using Instructional package while the Inquiry-Based method group was exposed to questioning, searching and examine of books, investigation and probing. The sample for the study consisted of 90 senior secondary school (SSS) class two Physics students who were randomly selected from three Federal Government Colleges in Southwest Nigeria. Two null hypotheses were raised for the study and tested using one way ANOVA and Analysis of Covariance ANCOVA. The study ensured the homogeneity of the three groups. The study confirmed that Inquiry-Based method as the best among the three and that Computer Assisted Instruction performed better than the Conventional group.
Key words: Physics, Achievement, Inquiry-Based method; Conventional method, Computer-Assisted-Instruction..