Green Technology: A Review


Akinsemolu, A.A and Bankole, T.S

1The Green Institute
2School of Sciences, Adeyemi College of Education


As developing countries pursue economic development, the negative impact of climate change continues to increase due to greenhouse emissions from anthropogenic activities. Climate change is no doubt the most significant challenges to achieving sustainable development. Therefore, scientists are advocating for the use of green technology. Green Technology is an emerging field that deals with a production process that is less harmful to the environment. This was prompted by the cost and adverse effects of wastes in industries, and the crucial need for cleaner and sustainable production. Green Technology encourages waste reduction, cradle to cradle design, efficient use of power, telecommuting and teleconference tools, cloud-based applications and manufacturing of sustainable products. The core areas of green technology include energy, green building, environmentally preferred purchasing and green nanotechnology. The review focuses on the drivers of Green Technology as well as its benefits and challenges. Furthermore, it posits that green technology is pivotal in achieving sustainable development in developing countries without compromising the needs of future generation.


Keywords: cleaner production; sustainable development; greenhouse emissions; sustainability