ICT as a driver for learning Basic Science in Secondary schools for skill acquisition.

Olabode O.O


Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo

Email Address:lifemanifestation@gmail.com

Abstract: Basic Science is the way science and technology is learned under the universal Basic education programme in Nigeria. This paper focus on the need to strengthen the learning process of the subject using ICT tools, considering the present level of unemployment and economic problem, so that Scientific altitude can be translated into technological and vocational skill for economic empowerment. It also suggest various ways and diverse concept in Basic Science that can utilise ICT as a veritable tool, thereby helping the learner to acquire both Scientific and technological skill. The readiness of the various education managers must correspond to making a competent teacher who is highly motivated to implement a curriculum adequate enough to achieve this set goal.
Keywords: Economy Education, Empowerment, Learning, Skill.