Strengthening Surveillance through Information Communication Technology for Malaria

Adediran M.B and Ibukunoluwa M.R. (Ph.D)


Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo

Abstract: Surveillance as a key to malaria elimination, which involves quick data collection, analysis and prompt case investigation can hardly be achieved without information technology. Creating an ideal platform or program where a complete database for malaria elimination can be accessed will go a long way in improving malaria management. The use of e-mail for fast and non-bureaucratic means of communication, risk mapping through the use of geographic information system, social networking such as Facebook and Twitter for news gathering, updating of an emergency or an outbreak and carrying out clinical or bedside e-consultations regarding patients in remote or rural sites as a part of telemedicine are some of the applications where modern technology can improve surveillance in malaria management. National malaria programs should explore the many opportunities provided through ICT for effectiveness in their bid to eliminate malaria.
Keywords: Malaria, Surveillance, ICT, Elimination