Ogunsina F. F., Asunbiaro C. S And Adekunle A. O.


Computer Science Department, Adeyemi College of Education Ondo


Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of web based instructional material on learning experience among students of Nigerian tertiary institutions. Four research questions are drafted as a guide for this study. A case study descriptive research design is used as the research methodology. The population for this study consist of students from different departments in the School of Science Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, with a sample of 200 students, selected using random sampling technique. The instrument used for this study is a questionnaire, prepared by the researcher. The results from the analysis of the data collected are presented in bar charts. The outcome of the study revealed that students’ level of awareness on web based instructional materials is low; learners were not motivated to use web based instructional materials. It also revealed that learning experience is enhanced when web based instructional materials is used effectively. It is recommended that awareness programme on the utilization of web-based instructional resources among students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria should be organized; Training should be provided for teachers on how they can utilize web-based materials for effective teaching. Adequate facilities that will increases the chances of using web based instructional materials in Nigerian school should be provided by the government.