Voters’ Registration Records versus Election Results in Nigeria (A Working Paper)

 1Adenegan, K. E. and 2Adenegan, T. S.

1Department of Mathematics, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo
2Department of General Studies, Achievers University, Owo

Election is a major tool in bringing desired transformation by electorates in Nigeria as voters are free to choose leaders of their choices whom are perceived capable of taking leadership and elective positions. Then if this is a veritable tool to achieve this, do registered voters really vote in Nigeria? Is there any significant relationship between the records of voters’ registration and election results in Nigeria? These and more are the answers this paper seems to proffer. Because of the forthcoming 2015 general election, sensitive records were unable to be received but this research conducted a structured questionnaire administered to one hundred electorates across Ondo West local government area of Ondo State. Findings reveal that many electorates use to register with valid voter’s registration cards but fail to vote for many reasons identified in this paper. Recommendations are given; to encourage more electorates to vote during elections and to improve the voting and registration process on the Part of the government and INEC.

Keywords: Voters, Voters’ Registration, Election, INEC, Election Result, Nigeria.

Impact of Road Constructions on Climate Change Mitigation

1Ikusika, A, 2Owoyemi, S.I., 3Aramide, J.O., & 4Akinnubi, R.T.
1, 2, 4 Department of Physics, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.
2 Department of Integrated Science, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.

Road construction over soft surface and hard surface ground provides technical challenges. When traffic flows and the consequent need to reconstruct and maintain the road within the limited time, factors in such challenges can be substantial as a result of preparation of the construction of road site. There are two broad methods to such construction: above ground or floating construction and below ground construction. Above ground construction has often required bundles of twigs, called fascines to provide a degree of resistance to differential settlement. Below ground is generally preferable in less incompetent materials or in poor material of shallower depth such that removal is a viable option. This paper investigates the use of modern geotechnical investigation component materials in combination with height weight tyre bales to allow both construction and services loads to be effectively spread as described in this paper. It was observed that this approach generally works best where a relatively stiff material, such as fibrous peat, overlies a less component material such as amorphous peats are available.

Keywords: Climate change, Construction, Geotechnical investigation, Road construction, Service load.

Effective Utilization of Chemistry Laboratory Facilities: A Viable Method of Teaching Chemistry

Authors: Oloyede-Akinsulere A.I, Akinsulere O.C, Fehintola O.E, Akinlami O.O, Omodara N.B.
Chemistry Department, Adeyemi College of Education.

Several studies have focused on the different method of teaching and learning chemistry with the aim of improving the performance of students in Senior Secondary Schools Certificate Examinations. Despite these methods, the general poor performance of students in these examinations is still alarming. Thus, this study was carried out to investigate the effective utilization of chemistry laboratory facilities as a viable method of teaching chemistry in Senior Secondary Schools. Data were collected by means of questionnaire and analysed using percentages. The result showed that the effective use of chemistry laboratory facilities is a key factor to enhancing the performance of students in chemistry.

Endemicity of Urinary Schistosomiasis in a Rural Community of Yewa North Local Government, Ogun state Nigeria.

1Adediran M.B, 2Odaibo A.B.
1Integrated Science Department, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Nigeria
2Department of Zoology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan Nigeria

This study determines the prevalence and intensity of urinary schistosomiasis in school children between the ages of 3-19 years in Igan-Alade, a rural and endemic community in Yewa North Local Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria. Urine samples were collected from 252 children. The samples were examined with a microscope for Schistosoma haematobium ova and the number of egg were counted and recorded as egg/10ml urine. Of the 252 children examined, 111 (44.05%) had infection, with no significant difference (P<0.05) in infection rates between boys (45.24%) and girls (42.86%). The prevalence of infection did not increase significantly with age (P<0.05). The overall geometric mean intensity was 12.28eggs/10ml urine. The result of this study has shown that urinary schistosomiasis is a major health problem in Igan-Alade community. Therefore government should provide drugs regularly for those infected and should help prevent further transmission by providing modern sources of water for community use.


An Assessment of Availability of Information Technology Equipment For Instructional Purposes In Secondary Schools In Ilesha East Local Government Of Osun State.

Adebayo, A.A
Department of Computer Science, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo

Information Technology (IT) equipment are a prerequisite for an effective IT development. This survey study assessed the adequacy of the available computers and telephones in secondary schools in Ilesha East Local Government of Osun State, Nigeria .Using 15 randomly selected secondary schools, it was found that only one school had computers for instructional use (6.67%) while 8 schools had functional telephone lines (53.33%).The study also revealed inadequacy in qualified personnel, in addition to apparent lack of preparedness by the government, schools and students for IT development. Measures for improvement were suggested including the establishment of an IT division under the planning section of each Ministry of Education, to align IT with secondary schools’ goals.

Evaluation of Pre-Primary Schools Curriculum in Nigeria Educational System

Olaniyan R.F
Department of Biology, Adeyemi College Of Education, Ondo

This study examines the effectiveness and evaluation of pre-primary school’s curriculum to Nigeria educational system. It examined the attitude of parents, guardians proprietor and others educational officials towards the development of pre-primary education. Some pre-primary schools, parent’s guardians in Ondo were used as the case study in this research. Questionnaires were used as the instrument for the collection of data for the study. The chi-squares (X2) statistical methods were used to analyse the data collected from the respondent for the study. The result of the finding when using chi-square pointed to the fact that pre-primary school education is very important to the earlier educational needs of child. It was also reviewed that parents have crucial perception of pre-primary education. And also, pre-primary educations were widely spread and have positive effect on children academic performance later in life. It was known that government should put more efforts in findings pre-primary school education in Nigeria so that children from less privilege houses can as well have much access to this level of education in Nigeria.

An Investigation into Claria Gariepurius Life from Ero Reservoir, Ekiti State

Adebola, O. T.
Department of Biology, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo

A total 436 specimens of Claria gariepurius were collected from Ero Reservoir, Ekiti State between October 2010 and October 2012. The food and feeding habits were investigated in order to establish basic and applied data that qualify this fish as an aquaculture animal. Analysis of the stomach contents of the fish showed that which gariepurius fed on anthropods. A preponderance of insects, crustaceans and detritus in the stomach also established which gariepurius as a detritivore and also that which gariepurius is well fortified with the major digestive enzymes.

The Impact of Wind Storm on Tall Buildings

Owoyemi, S. I, Akinwande, D. D., Ojo, M. O., and Ikusika, T.
Integrated Science Department A. C. E Ondo & Physics Department A. C. E Ondo

This paper examined the impact of wind on tall story buildings, the story building with several layers will experience difference effect on wind storm, The higher the layer, little wind speed will have impact on it; the lower the layers the stronger or more wind speed is required to have impact on such building. The aim of this paper is to study the way out for the windstorm impact on tall buildings.

Modern Trend for Effective Teaching and Learning for Schools.

Author: Oloyede R.O.                                        

Department of Physical and Health Education, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.

This paper examines the modern trends of effective teaching and learning in schools the contributions of teaching, learning and research activities was looked into such as equipping learners for life in its broadest sense, recognizes the importance of prior-experiences and learning just to mention but a few. The paper also looks at the concept of teacher effectiveness by examining the teacher and his/her attributes; it also discusses the methods and practices adopted by the teacher in teaching the students. Finally the paper talks about the use of ICT and its implications on school and education. The paper ended with conclusions and recommendation on modern trends for effective teaching and learning in the schools.

Dynamical Analysis of Non-Uniform Rayleigh Beam Resting on Bi-Parametric Vlasov Foundation and Under Distributed Masses Moving at Varying Velocities

O.K. Ogunbamike

Department of Mathematics, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Nigeria.

In this paper, the problem of the dynamic response of non-uniform Rayleigh beams resting on two-parameter Vlasov elastic foundation and under partially distributed masses travelling at varying velocities is investigated. The governing equation is a non-homogeneous fourth order partial differential equation with variable and singular coefficients. In order to solve the problem, the solution technique is based on the Generalized Galerkin Method (GGM), the expansion of Heaviside function in series form, a modification of the Struble’s asymptotic method and then the use of Fresnel sine and cosine integrals. Analytical solutions are obtained and presented in plotted curves. Result show that as the rotatory inertia correction factor increases, the response amplitudes of the dynamical system decreases for fixed values of foundation stiffness, shear modulus and axial force. Similarly, as the foundation stiffness, shear modulus and the axial force increase, the deflection of Rayleigh beams under the distributed loads decreases. It is also shown that the moving distributed force solution is not an upper bound for the accurate solution of the moving distributed mass problem; hence, the non-reliability of the moving force solution as a safe approximation to the moving distributed mass problem is established.