climate change

Impact of Road Constructions on Climate Change Mitigation

1Ikusika, A, 2Owoyemi, S.I., 3Aramide, J.O., & 4Akinnubi, R.T.
1, 2, 4 Department of Physics, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.
2 Department of Integrated Science, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.

Road construction over soft surface and hard surface ground provides technical challenges. When traffic flows and the consequent need to reconstruct and maintain the road within the limited time, factors in such challenges can be substantial as a result of preparation of the construction of road site. There are two broad methods to such construction: above ground or floating construction and below ground construction. Above ground construction has often required bundles of twigs, called fascines to provide a degree of resistance to differential settlement. Below ground is generally preferable in less incompetent materials or in poor material of shallower depth such that removal is a viable option. This paper investigates the use of modern geotechnical investigation component materials in combination with height weight tyre bales to allow both construction and services loads to be effectively spread as described in this paper. It was observed that this approach generally works best where a relatively stiff material, such as fibrous peat, overlies a less component material such as amorphous peats are available.

Keywords: Climate change, Construction, Geotechnical investigation, Road construction, Service load.