It is an enormous pleasure to welcome you to the 2014 National Conference of the School of Science, Adeyemi College of Education, which will be held in the dazzling town of Ondo on November 10-11, 2014.

We strongly believe that this conference will once again provide an opportunity to advance science and technology between academics, researchers and industry. It is during this event that participants from around the world come together, where scientists from the university, colleges of education, the industry, and young researchers will have the chance to network, exchanging useful knowledge at one location.

Prof M.A Sowunmi has been invited as Keynote Speaker, the country’s foremost Palynologist and environmental archaeologist. Other leading international researchers have also been invited to present their findings and initiate brainstorming discussions about creating sustainable convergence for indigenous Scientific and technological innovations.

Hoping that the ANCOSOS International Conference on Sustainable Science will enjoy an immense scientific attainment, we are looking forward to welcoming you to Ondo Kingdom.

Science For Global Sustainability

Diébédo Francis Kéré knew exactly what he wanted to do when he got his degree in architecture... In this charming talk, Kéré shows off some of the beautiful structures he's helped to build in his small village , including an award-winning primary school made from clay by the entire community.  

Professor M. A Sowunmi

Prof. M.A. Sowunmi (nee Jadesimi) is known to many as both a botanist and an environmental archaeologist. But it is in palynology that she is a household name in Nigeria. In fact she is the country's foremost palynologist and environmental archaeologist (archaeobotanist).

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