Provost's Opening Address

The Chairman of the Occasion,
The Honourable Commissioner for Education, Ondo State,
The Principal Officers, Adeyemi College of Education,
The Host and Dean of School of Science,
Deans and Directors,
The Keynote Address Presenter, Prof. Mrs. M. A. Sowunmi,
The Lead Paper Presenter, Dr. P. O. Akinbile,
Distinguished Guests,
Academic Community here gathered,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

I feel greatly honoured and pleased to be at the official opening ceremony of the 2014 Annual National Conference, put together by the School of Science of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo. This I suppose will be one of the very first academic conference I will declare open in my capacity as the Provost of this noble Institution.

I am also pleased with the year’s theme – ‘Creating Sustainable Convergence for Indigenous Scientific and Technological  Innovations and Advancements ’’ which I see as very apt and greatly relevant to the needs of the world we live in now and the scenarios unfolding as time rolls by.

Permit me to appreciate the efforts of the Organizers and the Host Dean to sustain the conference on yearly basis from past records available at my disposal. These are academic activities that can foster development, progress, unity and the like. Besides, it speaks volume of the quality and caliber of the strength and abilities of the academic staff of the school. I must also place on record here that I appreciate all of you for the support and warm welcome from all of you. This indeed is a reflection of the peaceful coexistence already in existence among you which I will also work and build on to achieve the great tasks ahead. I equally want to charge all members of this academic community to work together in peace, love, unity and harmony to foster unprecedented developments and progress. I am ready to work with you and am ready to work for you to achieve our common goals and the lofty dreams of academic excellence in this noble Citadel of learning.

I speak with a slight slant of an Historian to whom every action and event is a history. Your conference last year has made a history. Surely, this year’s has come and will definitely go which will also become a past (event). Going by the memory lane, your conference last year considered the theme “the future of science and technology education in a pluralistic world” and this year you are considering another significant theme on creating a sustainable convergence for indigenous scientific and technological innovations and advancements. What a timely theme!

The world we live in today is a dynamic world as well as populous world, against a backdrop of finite existence. Scientists and technologists are making remarkable advancements on daily basis and things are really changing every day. This is the time that the science and technology education curriculum have to be structured to accommodate the new trends in the globe today. Scientists, especially in our own part of the world, Nigeria should not be kept in the dark nor keep their heads away from new discoveries and innovations. We should not be afraid to explore our environments to bring the best and Nobel innovations, discoveries and advancements. Indigenous scientific researches and technological explorations should be aggressively embarked upon by well-meaning scientists, science educators and technologists. I am sure that the caliber of guest speakers that have been invited to this conference will do justice to the theme and give thought-provoking, motivating and academically inclined papers to stimulate all and sundry to bring about desired innovations and advancements in the world of science and technology today.

This is why I am pleased with the theme and sub-themes to be addressed in this meeting.

It is my hope that as we gather here these few days to deliberate on the sub-themes and other relevant ones in this Conference, we will achieve the aim of the proponents of this annual gathering of intellectuals.

Once again, I appreciate all of you for coming to this foremost Institution, most important our Special Guests of honour. I Am glad that the Honourable Commissioner for education of our sunshine State is here present and shall readily deliver our message, yearnings and aspirations through the communiqué that will emanate from this conference. It is high time that that the Siamese twins, science and technology took their rightful place in our economy and educational curriculum in this contemporary world.

To the Dean, staff and students of the school of science, I congratulate you very sincerely for hosting a successful conference. I wish you more of this and I promise you my continual support in my capacity as your amiable Provost.

I wish you all a happy deliberation and happy stay here in ARBICO land.

Thank you for your attention.

PROF. OLUKOYA OGEN B. Ed. (Ife), M. A., Ph.D. (Lagos)
Provost, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.